Keepad is a distinguished Initial DEX Offering (IDO) platform, meticulously designed to enlist new technology projects that promise secure solutions and demonstrate a long-term vision. With Keepad, our focus lies on incubating innovative ideas and providing the crypto market with ground-breaking investment opportunities.

At Keepad, we understand that the value of an investment lies not just in its returns but also in its credibility and transparency. To ensure this, we undertake an intensive and deep research process before any project listing. This rigorous process aids us in filtering out the most prospective projects, ensuring that our investors only get the best investment opportunities that are thoroughly vetted.

What sets Keepad apart is our revolutionary feature ensuring 100% fund security. This means that if the price of the project does not surpass the IDO price within 24 hours post-listing, the investors can claim a full refund. Furthermore, if the project is within its wasting period and the price falls below the IDO price during any wasting phase, the investors will also be refunded for that wasting period.

At the core of our ecosystem is our native token KDX, also known as KeeDX. Holders of the KDX token will be provided the privilege of gaining the first opportunity to invest in the projects we list. This not only creates a more engaged community but also gives our loyal token holders a head starts in their investment journey.

Keepad stands as a paradigm of transparency and security in the ever-evolving crypto space. Our mission is to usher in a new era of safe and profitable investment opportunities, where long-term vision and innovation are celebrated and rewarded. We welcome you to join us in this exciting journey of redefining IDO investment landscape.